Public Forum for the FEA Reference Model Maintenance Process    (30XW)

Purpose    (30XX)

This Public Forum is for public comments, discussion, and proposed revisions to the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) Reference Models. The FEA Reference Model Maintenance Process was jointly developed by the CIO Council’s Architecture and Infrastructure Committee (AIC) Governance Subcommittee and FEA Program Management Office (FEA PMO).    (30XK)

Background    (30XY)

The FEA Reference Models provide a "common language" as the Federal government evolves to a more citizen-centered, customer-focused government. The Maintenance Process for the FEA Reference Models will ensure the needed balance for both stability and evolution of the models in managing mission-related information assets associated with the transformation to a more citizen-centered government. For more information on the FEA Reference Model maintenance process, please refer to the Federal Enterprise Architecture Maintenance Process document.    (30XM)

How to subscribe to the Reference Model Public Forum    (30XZ)

We are utilizing the rm-forum as our discussion forum. Here's how to join the rm-forum .You can read the archive at:    (30Y0)