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Program Manager    (2X92)

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OMB Enterprise Architecture Assessment Framework Version 1.5    (2X94)

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Business Definition    (2X97)

The designated senior manager for a specified program who has responsibility and accoutability for the overall success of the program, including its cost, schedule, and technical aspects, as well as for any projects included within that program.    (2X98)

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Composite Definition developed from multiple sources by Steven C. Decker, Chief Architect, Healthcare Mission Area, Center for Enterprise Management, MITRE Corporation, sdecker@mitre.org, 703.983.7151, created July 20, 2005    (2X9A)

Technical Definition    (2X9B)

A designated lead for a particular program area (project or group of projects) in the Transition Strategy. Has responsibility and accountability for budget and execution of the program and the projects included in that program.    (2X9C)

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OMB Enterprise Architecture Assessment Framework Version 1.5    (2X9E)

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