The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Health IT Sharing (HITS) Program is part of the Health Informatics Strategy Office of the VHA Office of Information (OI). The HITS Program currently contains four health information sharing program areas: OneVA, Interagency, Health Community, and International Health IT Sharing.    (1UD)

The HITS Program Handbook is designed to provide VHA staff and potential health IT stakeholders with practical guidance for identifying, pursuing, and implementing mutually beneficial health information sharing opportunities with selected partners in the government or private sector. Personnel from other Federal agencies and non-governmental organizations seeking to develop joint health information sharing initiatives may also find the Handbook useful.    (1UE)

The Handbook is a comprehensive guide for individuals or offices new to the health information systems sharing experience. However, it is also designed to be flexible enough for experienced sharing partners to find and use discrete, specific guidance. Within VHA, the HITS Program Handbook delivers standardized instruction to health information systems sharing partners on each phase of the process, from research and evaluation of potential sharing opportunities through the more formal approval, start up, and implementation phases.    (1UF)