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Performance Measure    (2XS4)

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OMB Enterprise Architecture Assessment Framework Version 1.5    (2XS6)

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Performance measures seek to improve the performance and accountability of an organization, process, program, product or service and is a quantifiable metric of results (i.e., number of dollars saved, number of days saved in a business process, or recorded improvement in customer satisfaction). Types of performance measures include: 1) Input Measure - the resources used in producing an output or outcome, 2) Output Measure - the answer to the question "What is the product, service or result of this activity, 3) Outcome Measure - an event, occurrence, or condition that indicates progress toward achievement of a purpose, 4) Impact Measure - an organization mission, objective, goal or long-term effect of the outcomes [overall effectiveness or efficiency]    (2XSA)

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Introduction to NIH IT Performance Measures http://irm.cit.nih.gov/itmra/perfintro.html [added by Steven C. Decker]    (2XSC)

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[Good performance measures are (1) valid and objective, being based upon reliable and accurate data, sources and methods; (2) cost effective in terms of gathering and processing information: (3) understandable and easy for decision-makers and stakeholders to use and act upon; and (4) tied to incentives wherever possible.]    (2XSE)

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[ Performance-Based Contracting Best Practices http://www.acqnet.gov/Library/OFPP/BestPractices/pbsc/library/Learn_6disciplines.pdf ]    (2XSG)

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Reviewer Comment: Performance measurement is the use of statistical evidence to determine progress toward specific defined organizational objectives.    (2XSI)

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Reviewer Comment: http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/tsip/tspm/faqs.htm    (2XSK)

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Reviewer Comment: A quantitative or qualitative tool to assess progress towards an outcome or goal.    (2XSM)

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Reviewer Comment: http://www.dot.state.ia.us/railplan/glossary.htm    (2XSO)

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