Collaborative Expedition Workshop #4    (4230)

June 19, 2001    (4231)

'Stafford Building II, Room 535, 4121 Wilson Blvd.    (4232)

Collaboration Expedition workshop notes #1-3 are at:    (4233)

Workshop Purpose: As public institutions share responsibilities for service deployment, how do we recognize, foster, and assimilate the breakthrough capabilities that matter most to the public? How do we value public encoding (e.g. open standards, XML schemas) for the public realm?'    (4234)

11:00 AM - Introductions - Susan Turnbull and George Brett and All    (4235)

11:25 AM - Surpassing Gutenberg - A Historic Opportunity in Access to Published Information for Blind Readers and Print-disabled Persons, Janina Sajka, Director, Technology Gov'tl Relations, American Foundation for the Blind    (4236)

11:55 AM - Reflections from multiple perspectives    (4238)

1. A community service viewpoint - Gillian Kerr, Ph.D., Real World Systems    (4239)

12:10 PM - Continued reflections over lunch ($8.00 cost/person for sandwich & beverage)    (423A)

2. A county government viewpoint    (423B)

3. A federal government viewpoint    (423C)

4. A government supplier viewpoint - Mike Atlee, SpeechWorks    (423D)

5. A government supplier viewpoint -    (423E)

2:00 PM - Workshop ends    (423F)

On American Democracy, Lord Bryce, 1919    (423G)

America has still a long vista of years stretching before her in which she will enjoy conditions far more auspicious than any European country can count upon. And that America marks the highest level, not only of material well-being, but of intelligence and happiness, which the race has yet attained will be the judgment of those who look not at the favored few, for whose benefit the world seems hither to have framed its institutions, but at the whole body of the people.    (423H)