The Collaboration Expedition Workshops are a place for individuals and CoPs to explore how to create, as DougEngelbart would say, "Frontier Outposts" to help us to collectively envision possibilities. When our different ways of seeing and being in the world can be attuned, we all experience a longer, clearer horizon for strategic, coordinated action.    (OQ)

The first workshop, in March 2001 was a simple brown bag lunch. GeorgeBrett shared with SusanTurnbull and several colleagues his perspective about tools to help individuals work in community. As of April, 2004, all-day workshops draw 60-80 people together from multiple perspectives. Participants share a sense of purpose around societal challenges immune to tactics by single groups. The Expedition workshop story is being documented as a technological change process that goes beyond "technology-driven" change. By centering around people and the "whole system" challenges they organize around, IT design and development processes can mature with less risk and greater national yield of breakthrough performance innovations.    (OR)

2001 Expedition Workshops    (OS)

2002 Expedition Workshops    (3DJF)

2003 Joint Expedition Workshops and XML Web Services Meetings    (PB)

2004 Expedition Workshops    (PQ)