Discussion of Presentations and Implications for NICS 9/27/04    (3C9)

Facilitated by Andy Reamer Panelists - Patrick McGuigan, The Providence Plan, Providence, RI - Michael Barndt, The Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI - Junious Williams, Urban Strategies Council, Oakland, CA.    (3PD)

Q: Given what youve read about NICS, What value do you see NICS providing in your applications?    (3PN)

M.Barndt, Milwaukee {nid 3Q8}    (3R0)

P.McGuigan, Providence    (3Q9)

J.Williams, Oakland    (3QC)

Q: To what extent to do you rely on federal and state datasets and to what extent are you frustrated by that dependency?    (3QF)

Providence    (3QG)

Oakland    (3QH)

Audience Q: R. Harrison, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies clarifies panel responses: It seems that it should not be data, it should be contextualized information that helps you place your issues regionally. It sounds that what you really could use are tools, to help understand and manipulate the data; tools to also handle the confidentiality issues that arise in working with the level of geography community groups as yourself are working.    (3R1)

Providence    (3QI)

Milwaukee    (3QJ)

Oakland    (3QL)

> Moderator asks J. Marks from the Local Employment Dynamics Program at the Census, to give a short explanation of the LEHD program at US Census Bureau. > J. Marks explains the LEDH program.    (3BS)

Audience Q: J. Ferreira - Highlights system architecture questions relevant for the Panel. (Metadata, standards framework)    (3R2)

Milwaukee    (3QM)

RI    (3QO)

Oakland    (3QQ)

Audience Q: P. Sabety, Brookings Institute. What I hear is that 'We're doing much more real time data collection, closer to neighborhoods, closer to what is happening in our cities. How are you balancing your need to support parcel level data, and your organizational need to have greater coverage to continue to exist, grow and meet needs of your growing constituents?    (3QR)

RI    (3QS)

Milwaukee    (3QU)

Oakland    (3QV)

Ed Spar, COPAFS. The area I think NICS will play a fantastic role, will be in the area of standards. In your documentation, do you have a process of defining how often you update, what you're definitions are, confidentiality protections?    (3QX)

Oakland    (3QY)

END    (3R3)