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Node Diagram    (2WOY)

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OMB Enterprise Architecture Assessment Framework Version 1.5    (2WP0)

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Diagrams depicting the interdependencies between elements of the architecture. Node diagrams can be used to describe the interaction of business functions with technology components, the relationship of performance objectives to elements of the architecture, and other relationships.    (2WP2)

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Business Definition    (2WP4)

Diagram depicting relationships between elements of the architecture    (2WP5)

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Technical Definition    (2WP7)

Diagram depicting interdependencies or communication associations between nodes representing entities, objects or processes within the architecture    (2WP8)

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Context Definition 1    (2WPA)

A deployment diagram is a graph of nodes connected by communication associations. Nodes may contain component instances; this indicates that the component lives or runs on the node. Components may contain objects; this indicates that the object is part of the component. Components are connected to other components by dashed-arrow dependencies (possibly through interfaces). This indicates that one component uses the services of another component; a stereotype may be used to indicate the precise dependency if needed.    (2WPB)

Reference/URL Context Definition 1    (2WPC)

None. "UML Notation Guide Version 1.1" Available from: http://www-inf.int-evry.fr/COURS/UML/notation/notation11.html    (2WPD)

Context Definition 2    (2WPE)

Nodes representing entities, objects, or processes, and links or edges representing relationships between the nodes characterize them.    (2WPF)

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P. Irani, M. Tingley and C. Ware, Using perceptual syntax to enhance semantic content in diagrams," Computer Graphics and Applications, IEEE, 21, no. 5(2001): 76    (2WPH)

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