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Term    (2WMJ)

New IT Investment    (2WMK)

Origin/Source for Inclusion of the Term    (2WML)

OMB A-11 Section 300    (2WMM)

OMB Context Definition    (2WMN)

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Business Definition    (2WMP)

An IT investment newly proposed by the agency and has not been previously funded by OMB. This does not include investments existing within the agency but have not previously been reported to OMB.    (2WMQ)

Reference/URL for Business Definition    (2WMR)

OMB Circular No. A–11 (2005) Section 53—Information Technology And E-Government    (2WMS)

Technical Definition    (2WMT)

None—unique to Federal Government methodology for completing business cases.    (2WMU)

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