Facilitators from the afternoon workgroups reported from their sessions. Then the floor was open for questions from participants about the workgroups or about general topics regarding the workshop and NICS.    (2IMP)

Participant Needs Workgroup Summary    (2IMQ)

Governance and Finance Workgroup Summary    (2IN1)

Governance structure…    (2IN6)

Systems Architecture Workgroup Summary    (2INE)

Issues in discussion generally fell into three categories    (2INF)

1. Where are we headed?    (2IOQ)

1. What is hard to do?    (2IOR)

3. What can systems architecture do?    (2IOS)

General Discussions    (2IOT)

AndrewReamer    (2IOU)

RoderickHarrison, Participant Needs    (2IO2)

David Seidman    (2IO7)

Dennis Culhane    (2IOA)

DonnaScholz    (2IOD)

N.B. Andrew Reamer notes the Census AQS is undergoing system testing. If you want, you can become an alpha/beta tester of the alpha version. Contact Lindsay Clark at the Urban Markets Initiative, The Brookings Institution.    (2IOH)

David McMillen    (2IOI)

AndrewReamer    (2IOM)

end of notes{nid 2IOP}    (2IOX)