Breakout Session – Participants Needs and Applications    (68N)

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Summary of Discussion:    (68O)

LEHD – Might be a good priority for NICS because it is an application that combines data sources from the feds, states, and private sector; it’s an example of using state administrative records; combining demographic with economic data; and it is local. 34 states involved    (6ZM)

------------------Details of Discussion-----------------------------------------------------------------    (6ZN)

Role of NICS for Local Users and State Users    (6BO)

Local Data and Quality and Confidentiality Issues:    (691)

Do people in the group have any sense which end of the data quality assessment pole should NICS be trying to aim for?    (697)

Federal Data Sets that state and local areas would like to see more of    (69B)

Potential Applications of NICS    (69G)

Potential Incentives for States    (69I)

(Geo spatial one stop has no incentive for counties other than the good of the order, not enough)    (69J)

Prioritization is critical issue for NICS:    (69P)

Important State Contacts    (69X)

    1. State data centers    (6BI)
    2. Someone from the governor’s office    (6BJ)
    3. National states geo spatial group (Bill Shinar is part of this group). These people are good resources for talking about standards.    (6BK)
      • Noticing states frustration with high volume of requests for surveys, etc. Suggest working with state and regional entities and they can pass down request.    (69Y)

Data tools    (6BZ)