NICS CoP Meeting - April 12, 2005    (2PPD)

Affliates:    (2PQW)

1. LED Synthetic Establish Methodology (see paper) 2. HUD Spatial Data - standardize model estimates to noncensus data in the SW (tool and methology applicable) Timeframe - next month using landuse data incorporated later. TO use as a service to allocate by school boundaries or by floodplain data. PUt into form to be a stand alone. Set up goals to be NICS ready. Current state as an affliate but can become a project. Additional resources needed to become a NICS service. Does this include methodology or is this service only. If additional resources it could be come a tool.    (2PQX)

3. MEmphis is a UMI pilot project site to upload local data to be compatible with Census on point. Local housing data on incident and suspect. HOT reports model. A good affliate and get support from Brookings. This is going to happen and NICS needs to be prepared. Have data and funding to reach goals. Have a map and have scability.    (2PQY)

4. Tom NNIP project in 22 cities (5 more soon and 10 more next year). Census Community Information Centers to start dealing with issues to be ready for NICS ready state. Better standards and metadata across sites. Here are standards and here are local metadata. NNIP/CIC to make partnerships ready. CIC focused on populations. NNIP focuses on local data. 20 to 30 cities moving on getting standardized data.    (2PQZ)

5. Albert - Project on my own - Small business doing development on issues of confidentially. Grant expired. Sample of 5% of home and allocating to family units from smaller geographic areasl. Resampling synthenic datato create a mirco dataset.    (2PR0)

6. Richard Singerman office of Health Care has pursued data in Santa Barbara, Indianapolis, Boston. Peer to peer sharing model for. What are regional organizations going to look like in some shape or form. National Health Care for Technology for widespead adoption of sharing data. Santa Barbara Data - Regional Heatlh Care data. 1/2 million population. Californiz Health care. Sharing data in a secure way. Economic analysis of sharing data is positive. Way to look at economic good when enough share the data. Indianpolis has a cental database for all Emergency Room visits real time.    (2PR1)

7. Balitmore Vital SIgns - have characteristics. ALl data is shared on neighborhood or census track data. Have own iniatives. 40 indicators from census, crime, health, from sources for every year.    (2PR2)

8. Spingfield Mass - breast cancer on an indiviual level. Youth violence and police data. Useful resource. will provide contact inforamtion from ACS.    (2PR6)

PROJECT 1: Group in CHicago to do a regional version of what NICS is suppose to be that inonprofit and public to get information off homesites\. Common XML to link topic. The group is 8 months into demonstration. TEchnology is understood but not doing well on the institutional issues and data formats, classes of users. Huge beneficiary of the services of what NICS is provided. Template of what others will follow and the group needs participation from some of the National players to talk about LL.    (2PR8)

TOm - example like Pittsburgh model. IF does not have locally no way NICS can go to all the local agencies. More movement in this direction.    (2PR9)

Could fail if agreements in datasharing and costs are not resolved. Pittsburgh suffers from same risks. CHicago needs help from the national to help. Both would benefit. Pittsburgh has organized all the data users and MOUs. Affiliate would be good to connect.    (2PRA)

Chicago Needs Technical assistance.    (2PRB)

Question: What is the Diff between Affilate and Project? Project is asking for further resources. Affilate is happening anyway. Cross multisites for software and opportunities for innocatio. Affliate has own funding. Projects needs funding to make happen. May not all be NICS funding but from other foundations. Middleware - broker to back end data on reinterpt what the data means. Vacant land reuse is an example. Elements to NICS readiness.    (2PRC)

Two ongoing projects that could fail and are able to be reuse. Don't want to find effort has been abandoned when we might have experts and resources. How to choose. Perhaps a third type where we start right now with expertise or resources.    (2PRD)

May want to push for NICS activities to use experience of affliates to be services that can plug and play. Focusing on parallell effort. Service archecture.    (2PRE)

Not an affiliate it if fails. Under project how does it meet other criteria. Will organizational arrangements. Chicago's afflicate status is the organizational arrangements. Memphis is data farrat. Colloborating with NICS makes sense as an affiliate.    (2PRF)

USe case could start with the list. Hearing that there are other activities that we are giving attention to build support networks. Do we want to turn into use cases and need to be selective. Affiliates coming out of Chicago, Baltimore ext these support mechanisms need to start right now.    (2PRH)

State wide list serves to share on a daily basis. How to contract ... everyday. How to certified for blind doctor. Creating value by going to emails - creating relationships. active set of users as an infrastructure group. Buyin without other investment. NNIP has a list serve that is very active with 500 people on the listserve. Nothing comparable for statewide. Sharing across silos in state networks. Both GIS and mandates.    (2PRI)

Criteria for Projects to offer up. What else is going onl. $ to get tool ready to help others.    (2PRG)

USE CASE - should be method of testing the elephant so able to push through a viable model.    (2PRJ)

NICS Ready - every participant puts forth a proposal, and at next meeting, everyone puts forth what they think is NICS ready.    (2PRL)

NICS "Use Cases" Workgroup Discussion    (2PPH)