Morning Question and Answer Session    (2J3V)

February 16, 2005    (2J3W)

O'Harrow Q & A    (2J3Z)

A: I don;t use the word privacy because you are able to define it anyway. Autonomy, on the otherhand, and people not messing with me in a very specific way. Transparency is the issue - wnat to know how data are used.    (2J4B)

Solution - attainable but hard - need to address in an open way. Need congressional hearings, more media on it - not going ot jettsion info b/c to value but need to define what misuse is.    (2J4C)

Q: 2 issues on cks and balances - 1) the extent to which you look at the merits of the data and then the methodology for analyzing info - any of these flawed you have a devestating situation. Ex, Credit Scoring. The biiger problem is the garbage data is there is systematic underreporitng of good behavior and underreporting of bad behavior. how do we scrutize data going in and coming out? Want to turn data into information not disinformation.    (2J4D)

A: Do the math yourself. the private companies are not going to let oyu look over there shoulder. It is these private companoines not the public sector because they can walk the walk, talk the talk. You have these private companies positioning themselves as a privacy advocate - here the mesasage can have privacy and data - this is what they want to hear.    (2J4E)