Afternoon Breakout Sessions, February 16, 2005    (2PHC)

"Key Challenges to Using Small Area Data Effectively"    (2PC3)

Learning Phase Workshop on National Non-Profit and Commercial Sector Organizations    (2PHD)

A note on the discussion format: For the final Learning Phase Workshop, the NICS moderator changed the format of the afternoon breakout sessions. Instead of three separate discussion groups for the afternoon (Systems Architecture, Participant Needs and Applications, and Governance and Finance), meeting participants went to one of three breakout sessions that each discusses the ‘‘same topic’’ – ‘‘Key challenges to accessing and using small area data effectively’’    (2PC7)

The aim of each session was to suggest possible NICS tools and methods to overcome challenges regarding small area (i.e., neighborhood) data access and use. Examples of such tools and methods might include metadata standards, synthetic data sets, and larger sample sizes. The notes from all three sessions have been combined into one set of notes.    (2PC8)

First, some definitions…    (2PC9)


SOLUTIONS : Tools and Methods to Overcome Challenges    (2PEY)