Governance and Finance Work Group    (95T)

Many thanks to Jim Frech, NAPA, for his assistance in compiling these notes!    (SQE)

The Governance and Finance Workgroup was asked to address five major questions:    (SPK)

1. Are there additional functions to add to the list developed in last month's meeting?    (SPL)

2. What ongoing efforts at the Federal level should NICS be linked to?    (SPS)

3. What formal and informal models and groups in the federal government should NICS emulate as it constitutes itself as an enterprise?    (SPX)

4. NICS will be financed through a mix of public, private and non-profit funding sources. What types of inkind, sponsorship and other forms of federal support should NICS be able to attract?    (SQ1)

5. How might NICS deal federal-level issues that could impede data sharing, such as regulations on data sharing and privacy?    (SPM)

Notes will be posted on Monday, January, 10.    (94I)