Nancy McGuckin is an independent consultant developing expertise in the interpretation and forecasting of travel behavior. After 15 years as a senior consultant (at Barton-Aschman Associates, Washington, DC) focused on collecting and applying transportation data to local travel demand forecasting and planning, she established her own practice to allow for more time for research and analysis. She is best known for her ability to use large, national data sources for detailed analysis, both to establish national trends and to develop practical applications for local-level planning. Her major client is the Federal Highway Administration, where she is under contract to assist in analysis of the National Household Travel Survey, and planning for the next survey in the series.    (936)

She is co-author of the NCHRP 365 study “Travel Estimation Techniques for Urban Planning”, which is a textbook for use of national data for smaller urban areas. She is also teamed with Cambridge Systematics to assess the impact on local planning practices of the move from the decennial long form to the annual American Community Survey, and developing a guidebook for the use of ACS data in urban planning (NCHRP 8-48).    (937)

In addition, Ms. McGuckin has just completed the “Journey-to-Work Trends” report analyzing 40 years of decennial data, and is currently assisting in the analysis for “Commuting in America III”. Reports and further information can be found at:    (938)