Break out Session: Participant Needs and Applications    (3W9)

The following questions were used to guide this discussion:    (3VN)

1. What is the range of uses of local CSS systems and who are the users?    (3VO)

2. What are the users data needs and what kind of data and data presentation/manipulation tools must NICS provide in order to meet the needs of these users and applications?    (3VP)

3. Which applications have had the highest payoffs to data and what does this mean for the likely direction of future development?    (3VQ)

4. How is the pattern of user needs and opportunities expected to shift over time?    (3VR)

5. How can NICS be designed to on one hand anticipate and on the other hand foster this growth and development?    (3VS)

6. What are the current and potential uses of federal and state data at the local level, and of local data at the federal and state levels?    (3VT)

7. What are the implications for NICS as an effort to enable data, information, and knowledge integration across these levels? What are the implications of the answers for NICS applications, systems architecture, governance, and finance?    (3VU)

8. How might NICS be designed to meet the needs of community level organization?    (3VV)

Discussion    (3WA)

* What role(s) or service(s) should NICs Provide?    (3Y4)

        1. Educational resources: provide information, such that provided by Julius Williams to his users about how to use and understand data. Are there kinds of data that should be user friendly to deliver to end users? NICS can be most valuable if developed as a tool.    (3WP)
        2. Mapping tools that bridge b/w census geography and neighborhood/community geography    (3WQ)
        3. Allocation methods: Assistance/information regarding methods for allocating data to lower levels of geography.    (3WR)
        4. Confidentiality: Tools to help aggregate data to a geo level that does not violate confidentiality. Could we acquire credit scores that are aggregated so ensures confidentiality? This would be powerful.    (3WS)

* Business Case for NICS    (3Y5)

* What are the most important Issues    (3W5)

    1. Housing,    (3Y6)
    2. Wealth,    (3Y7)
    3. Economic and Business Development,    (3Y8)
    4. Employment,    (3Y9)
    5. Health,    (3YA)
    6. Education,    (3YB)
    7. Safety,    (3YC)
    8. Environment,    (3YD)
    9. Community Infrastructure    (3W6)

End -------------------    (3W8)

10/7/04    (404)

data needs:    (405)