National Infrastructure for Community Statistics (NICS)    (2LXW)

Welcome to the web page for the National Infrastructure for Community Statistics (NICS). NICS is a proposed nationwide web-based utility that facilitates access by public and private decision-makers to detailed, current community-level statistics from thousands of local, state, federal, and commercial data sources. The ability to access and analyze detailed, up-to-date sets of survey and administrative data for small areas facilitates greater understanding of community socioeconomic and geophysical conditions, trends and opportunities; more effective program and investment decisions; improved measurement of program and investment impacts; and the creation of local and national indicators efforts. In this way, community statistics have the power to inform public debate, support better public and private choices, and empower communities to adapt to accelerating socioeconomic change.    (2LXX)

Organizing this effort is the NICS Community of Practice, a group of over one hundred individuals from government, nonprofit, and industry realms with a strong interest in working collaboratively on the design, development, and operation of NICS, facilitating a nationwide network of NICS participants,and increasing the capacities of organizations to participate in NICS as data providers, intermediaries, and users.    (2LXY)

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This web site is a wiki--a read and write web site that is a unique tool that enables collaboration among the NICS CoP. You can learn more about what is a wiki, this wiki - the wiki-- or learn how to edit pages.    (2LYP)