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Model Driven Architecture (MDA)    (2WKP)

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An activity performed by analysts in an organization to depict something, such as a systemís functionality, using a combination of text and graphical notation.    (2WKV)

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http://www.answers.com/Business Process Modeling, accessed June 27, 2005    (2WKX)

Technical Definition    (2WKY)

A software design methodology. The basic idea is that the system functionality is defined as a platform-independent model, using an appropriate specification language and then translated to one or more platform-specific models for the actual implementation. The translation between platform-independent model and platform-specific models is normally performed using automated tools.    (2WKZ)

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Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Model Driven Architecture, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Model Driven Architecture, accessed June 27, 2005    (2WL1)

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