Michel Biezunski    (7M)

Michel Biezunski is a consultant with Infoloom. His consulting work is mainly concerned with auditability of information systems, enabling multiple perspectives on information, the creation and maintenance of information networks for large organizations, including agencies of the US government. One of the creators of the Topic Maps standard, Dr. Biezunski was an editor of ISO/IEC 13250:2000 and :2003. His current research focus is the development of a model for "data projection", enabling multiple perspectives to be expressed concurrently, facilitating the implementation of bottom-up approaches. Dr. Biezunski speaks at international conferences frequently. His background is in history and philosophy of science. He lives and works in New York City. Email: mb@infoloom.com, Web: http://www.infoloom.com. Phone: (718) 921-0901    (2KN5)