Photo of Martha Dorris    (3WTZ)

Martha Dorris is the Deputy Associate Administrator in the U.S. General Services Administration's, Office of Citizen Services and Communications. Martha has served more than 26 years as an information technology professional within both government and private industry. In her current position, Martha is charged with creating the integrated delivery of information to citizens, businesses and government. Information can easily be accessed from the federal government in English and Spanish via email and the web at,, and other consumer websites, telephone at 1–800–Fed Info or through the Pueblo publications center. In addition, Martha manages the Presidential e–gov initiative USA Services under which these services are provided to the public and is responsible for providing leadership to other federal agencies in improving customer service to the public.    (3WSR)

In FY 2007, USA Services touched over 222 million citizens through its various delivery channels, trained over 3,100 web managers in web standards, issued task orders for contact center services during several major crises, and established a five–nation meeting of national Chief Information Officers. In addition, Martha is responsible for coordinating best practices and information across governmental boundaries—federal, state, local, and international in the transformation of service delivery to citizens. USA Services and its components have received numerous awards, including being named as one of the top 25 sites that you can't live without.    (3WSS)

Prior to her current position, Martha built GSA's Intergovernmental Solutions Division into a vital organization that focuses on facilitating collaboration and engagement on issues of relevance for improving citizen services in all arms of government. Martha's career included over nine years of governmentwide oversight of agency's acquisition and management of information technology programs, including conducting reviews of federal agencies and providing approvals of major information technology expenditures. In addition, during her tenure in the private sector, she provided acquisition support to federal agencies.    (3WST)

Martha has been active in the IT community for decades. She was a Fed 100 award winner in 2004, 2006, and 2008 and has been active with the International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration (ICA) for over 10 years. She is currently serving as the President of the American Council for Technology (ACT).    (3WSU)