Name:Marshall DeBerry    (18U)

Organization: FedStats    (18V)

Title or Subject of Initiative, Project, Program, or Other Effort Relevant to Meeting: FedStats    (18W)

Nature of Effort: Gateway portal to the Federal statistical system    (18X)

_X__ system for on-line delivery of nationwide local area data to individual users _X__ tabular data _X__ mapped data geographic units (e.g., states, counties, places) include: states, counties, cities, selected special geographic areas such as Federal judicial districts, links to Congressional district information primary data sets include: 2000 Decennial Census information    (18Y)

_X__ tool to assist national and local data intermediaries in accessing and organizing data sets for inclusion in on-line statistical systems    (18Z)

_X__ development of applications, technologies, or standards to aid in the above    (190)

___ other:    (191)

Current Status: _X__ in operation ___ under construction ___ in planning, in conceptual development, under consideration    (192)

URL (if relevant):    (193)

Purpose and Audience (Ends):    (194)

To provide users assistance in finding the information they need without having to know and understand in advance how the decentralized Federal statistical system is organized or which agency or agencies may produce the date they are seeking.    (195)

Brief Description (Means):    (196)

The FedStats site provides visitors with easy access to the wide array of statistical information produced by Federal agencies. FedStats gives the user a variety of mechanisms for quickly locating statistical information, ranging from links encompassing topics from A to Z, to the geographically oriented MapStats interface that provides statistical information for US states, counties, cities, Congressional and Federal judicial districts.    (197)

Brief Narrative of History, Current Status, Plans:    (198)

Under the auspices of the Interagency Council on Statistical Policy (ICSP) chaired by the Chief Statistician, Office of Management and Budget, planning for an integrated statistical portal site began in 1995, culminating in the public release of the FedStats website in May of 1997. A taskforce of representatives from the agencies and offices that comprise the ICSP meet monthly to discuss issues and possible future enhancements to the site, and examine new web technologies that may be of benefit to their agencies as well as the FedStats site. Recent enhancements to the FedStats site have included a revised MapStats interface that provides statistical information for cities of size 25,000 or more, and ongoing work in enhancing access to the wide variety of subject matter found in the “Topics A-Z” section. Future plans include enhanced search capabilities for statistical inquiries from the public, and a “MapStats for Kids” section that will provide a fun and interesting way to facilitate the development of statistical literacy for younger children.    (199)

Relevant Background Documents (with URLs, if available):    (19A)

Statistical Programs of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2004    (19B)

Contact information: Address: FedStats/BJS Interagency Council on Statistical Policy/OIRA    (19C)

	         810 Seventh St. NW	     Office of Management and Budget
	         Washington, DC  20531      Washington, DC   20503    (19D)

Telephone: 202-307-0775 E-mail:    (19E)