Program Manager:    (48U)

Biography: Dr. Greaves serves as Program Manager for DARPA’s UltraLog Project. He was previously Program Manager for DARPA’s Advanced Logistics Project. At DARPA, Dr. Greaves is responsible for pursuing aggressive development of advanced information technology that will cause a fundamental change in the way logistics planning and operations are conducted today. In particular, he is working on the application of autonomous agent technology to problems of information systems survivability and the control of complex systems-of-systems. Prior to coming to DARPA in 2001, Dr. Greaves led advanced programs in software agent technology at the Mathematics and Computing Technology group of Boeing Phantom Works, the research division of the Boeing Co.    (48V)

Dr. Greaves’ main research interests are in mathematical logic and agent technology. He has published two books and over 15 papers, chaired the FIPA technical committee on agent communications languages, and currently serves as co-chair of the Joint Readiness and Sustainment of Strategic Systems chapter of the Defense Joint Warfighting Science and Technology Plan. Dr. Greaves holds a PhD from Stanford University.    (48W)