With the recent activity on the listserve, we should explore ways in which we can leverage wiki technology to complement the listserve. We can continue to have conversations generating through the listserve, then have a collective effort at developing a summary of the thread on a wiki. We can then have continued conversations about the topic on the listserve, referencing the wiki page for those who are more comfortable with the listserve environment, and others can directly make refinements to the wiki page which would reduce the amount of traffic on the listserve.    (3VML)

This will certainly provide a laboratory for the differences among the technologies, where there are some profound cultural differences between listserves and wikis. Listserves provide the means for people to maintain an identity, a sense of ownership of ideas they are sharing, which enables attribution. The wiki environment enables rapid collaborative documents, and does provide tracking of who is making changes, but the individual contributions are difficult to determine, even more so if there is the kind of 'storming' going on where people disagree, which is shown so clearly through the History Flow research project:    (3VMM)

More generally, this provides an example of the potential interrelationships among collaborative technologies. With discussions about using Facebook, how should we potentially leverage LinkedIn? As a government community, we need to be developing a map (landscape, topology,...) of these different capabilities.    (3VMN)