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Legacy System    (2XU3)

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An existing application or system that is not full integrated into the "To Be" enterprise architecture. It may duplicate services of newer applications or systems or it may lack planned interface capabilities. Typically, legacy applications and systems were developed without modularity, using older technologies, and often lack documentation and source code.    (2XU9)

Reviewer Comment: My/Industry's definition of a Legacy System is one that is in the "As Is" architecture. It may or may not be included in the "To Be" Architecture. If this is the Govt's definition, I need to modify my constructs. Also make shorter.    (2XUA)

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"A listing of the defense business systems as of December 2, 2002 (known as `legacy systems'), that will not be part of the objective defense business enterprise architecture…"    (2XUF)

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As used in Title 10 USC Sec. 2222, Defense Business Systems: Architecture, Accountability, and Modernization, of Public Law 108-375, the Ronald W. Reagan National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2005    (2XUH)

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