LeeEllen Friedland    (81)

LeeEllen Friedland specializes in information management strategy at the Center for Integrated Intelligence Systems (CIIS), in MITRE's DOD C3I Federally Funded Research and Development Center. She is a content management specialist and has worked extensively in metadata design, implementation, and management, including controlled vocabularies and a broad range of semantic information models. LeeEllen has been a leader in developing SGML/XML standards and best practice in the digital library community and built one of the earliest digital production programs in a civilian government agency. She serves as strategic and technical advisor to government agencies on the emerging eGovernment landscape. An ethnographer by training, LeeEllen also specializes in straddling the conceptual territories of, and translating and bridging between, different domains and communities of practice. She applies this approach particularly to discovering implicit information models and making them explicit in appropriate and useful ways, and helping organizations adopt new technologies.    (82)