Ken Klingenstein    (3WPI)

Dr. Ken Klingenstein is Director of the Internet2 Middleware and Security areas and Chief Technologist at the University of Colorado at Boulder. In his Internet2 middleware role, he is responsible for fostering the development and dissemination of middleware interoperability and best practices, through partnership efforts of leaders among campus IT architects, corporations, and government agencies. In his Internet2 security role, Klingenstein is helping campus network security leadership to develop approaches to both immediate issues such as network authentication and new security tools, as well as developing longer-term agendas that couple increased security with research network goals of performance and transparency. As Chief Technologist for the University of Colorado Boulder campus, he continues to provide technical strategic leadership for information technology for the institution where he served as Director of Information Technology Services for fourteen years. Klingenstein has been active in national and regional networking for many years, serving in leadership positions in too many organizations. Dr. Klingenstein received his Ph.D. in Applied Math from the University of California at Berkeley.    (3WPJ)