Ken Fromm is a Founder and the CFO and Director of Business and Corporate Development for Loomia, a developer of community-based personalization technologies that makes heavy use of semantic technologies. He oversees Loomia’s business operations and strategic relationships. He has a 15-year history working with edge processes and technologies including semantics-based technologies, object-oriented software, web-based technologies, display languages, and interaction design and rapid development processes.    (4AS)

From 2000 until early 2003, Mr. Fromm was Director of Business Services at Modulant Solutions, a semantics-based technology provider. It was one of the first companies to combine a sophisticated interoperability architecture with highly advanced data conflict and semantic mediation techniques to solve problems associated with the logical integration of data and information within enterprise integration and web service deployments. His operational responsibilities include sales prospecting and evangelism, business and channel development support, licensing and contract development, operations, intellectual property management, and capital formation.    (4AT)

Prior to joining Modulant, Mr. Fromm was a co-founder of Vivid Studios, an early and highly influential company in the web development and e-services sector. He was an integral part of Vivid’s growth and development from its start in 1991 until its sale to Modem Media in 2000 for $64 million. He held several management roles in operations, production management, and engineering, along with serving as a board member and company leader, negotiating over 50 service and technology licensing contracts with clients that included Nike, Schwab, American Century, Miramax, Kellogg, Bank of America, Commerce One, and Arthur Andersen. He recruited and helped hire over 75% of the senior managers and production management staff, developed strategic relationships, and initiated a variety of internal and external marketing programs.    (4AU)

Mr. Fromm currently writes and speaks extensively on issues related to personal relevance, semantic technologies, and the vision of the Semantic Web. He has published four books on computer topics, one of which, Multimedia Demystified, served as a foundational basis for modern interactive development. He was a frequent speaker at seminars regarding the roles, processes, and business models formed in the Internet industry and has served on the faculty of Alumnae Resources and the San Francisco State University Multimedia Program. He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Michigan (1987) with a BS in Computer Science with high distinction honors.    (4AV)

Books    (4AW)

- Contributions to Adaptive Information: Improving Business Through Semantic Interoperability, Grid Computing, and Enterprise Integration by Jeffrey T. Pollock and Ralph Hodgson, Wiley-Interscience, 2004.    (4AX)

- Careers in Multimedia, Ziff-Davis, 1995 (Senior Writer/Senior Editor)    (4AY)

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- Programming the Display PostScript System with NeXTStep, Addison-Wesley, 1991 (Author)    (4B1)

Columns    (4BD)

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