Kem Clawson Federal CTO EMC Corporation    (3PRP)

Kem is a native of Richmond, Virginia where he graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. His career spans 30+ years in the Information Technology industry working with large scale computing systems and complex systems engineering. He was involved in the early adoption of mission critical online systems and the development of performance analysis and capacity planning tools.    (3PRQ)

Kem joined EMC in 1991 as one of the founding members of the Federal organization where he developed their engineering team. In 1996 he was tapped to build a national team of engineers to support EMC’s first telecommunications industry team. With the success of this effort, his next major assignment was running sales operations for a $1B business unit.    (3PRR)

Returning to the Federal sector in 2001 as CTO, he is responsible for meeting government regulations, identifying emerging technology requirements, and evangelizing EMC’s capabilities.    (3PRS)    (3PRT)

 (703) 970-5429    (3PRU)