Photo of Kath Straub    (3WU9)

Kath Straub is the Chief Scientist for Human Factors International. She has over 10 years of experience in the design and evaluation of websites, applications and physical products following on 10 years of experience in basic cognition research. In her career, she has fostered, mentored, and managed individuals to employ evidence-driven research methodologies in user-centered design, basic and applied research environments. She currently leads a team of usability and accessibility professionals, graphics artists and project managers working on projects for clients throughout the world. Kath approaches usability as the intersection of experimental cognition, social psychology, marketing, and technology. Her design practices evolve continuously to reflect current research.    (3WTU)

In addition to her client work, Kath is actively involved in HFI's Certified Usability Analyst Training. She has been the lead designer of HFI's Putting Research into Practice and User Centered Analysis and Conceptual Design seminars. In addition, she has developed specialized training on advanced topics, including creating actionable surveys, design for aging citizens and developing global usability teams. Kath frequently presents invited lectures on usability, effective global sourcing, the institutionalization of usability and skill specific topics for agencies and organizations at conferences/technical society meetings (for example Usability Professionals Association, Web Manager University, Society for Technical Communication and others).    (3WTV)