Joram Borenstein is Senior Marketing Manager for Unicorn Solutions, developer of semantic data management and data integration software based in New York City. He has written and lectured extensively on the Semantic Web, E-Commerce, Ontology Modeling, and Grid Technologies. His previous experience includes managing the rollout of content management software platforms.    (4BQ)

Some Previous Industry Articles & Presentations include:    (4BS)

-- “Semantic Architectures, Information Management, and Information Integration,” presentation at AFEI Enterprise Integration Expo, 2004    (4BT)

-- “Meta-Data Repositories Meet Semantics,” Feature Article in TDAN (The Data Administration Newsletter), 2004    (4BU)

-- “Semantic Discovery for Web Services: A Step Toward Fulfillment of the Vision” article co-authored with Joshua Fox in Web Services Journal, 2003    (4BV)

-- “How Corporate Data Validates the Semantic Web” presentation at SIG4 Program - OntoWeb5, 2003    (4BW)

-- “Using Semantic Web Technologies to Improve Corporate Data Integration: A Manufacturing Case Study” presentation at Metatopia: A Symposium On Metadata and Data Management, 2003    (4BX)

-- “Improving E-Commerce Integration Initiatives Through Semantics” joint presentation with Eliezer Israel at the Fifth International Conference on Electronic Commerce, 2003    (4BY)

-- “Speeding Data Integration with Ontology Models” presentation at the 14th Annual IRMA International Conference, 2003    (4BZ)

-- “Overcoming Organizational Communication Gaps with an Enterprise Data Thesaurus” presentation at the 14th Annual IRMA International Conference, 2003    (4C0)

-- “Combining Semantic Web Technology with Industrial Grids: The Corporate Ontology Grid Consortium (COG)” joint presentation with Aaron Solomon at The Semantic Web Seminar, 2002    (4C1)