John A. Yanosy Jr.    (388K)

Contact Information eMail: PH: 972-705-1807    (388L)

Organizational Relationships Chief Architect - Rockwell Collins Chair - Semantic Interoperability Working Group - Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC)    (388M)

My primary interests are:    (388N)

1. Develop a conceptual framework for understanding all aspects for Semantic Interoperability between systems, systems and people, between organizations, sensors and systems.    (388O)

2. Develop and understand the role of ontologies and logic for enabling mutually consistent interpretation among collaborators when sharing information    (388P)

3. Understand and develop architectural patterns that solve specific problems within an overall semantic interoperability framework    (388Q)

4. Develop semantic knowledge framework based that can semantically link aspects that can create a Networked Collaborative Environment including linking standards documents and their concepts, user operationl task and processes requirements, architecture patterns, domain ontologies, and models.    (388R)

5. Understand and explore the frameworks and theory to enable context adaptive reasoning across doamin ontologies.    (388S)

6. Understand and explore ontology structures to enable more complex implicit semantic concepts to be defined that can leverage lower level domain knowledge for higher level reasoning, e.g., network congestion, situational picture and coordination status among collaborators, curent network capacity and configuration, available routing paths through a network, etc.    (388T)

7. Continue to understand the power of explicit semantic models to embed knowledge within systems so that they can adapt their own behaviors to changing situations and user needs.    (388U)