John M. Gilligan, a member of the Senior Executive Service, is the Air Force Chief Information Officer (AF-CIO), Washington, D.C. As the Air Force CIO, he is the principal adviser to the Air Force leadership on information management, business processes and information technology standards. He leads the Air Force in creating and enforcing IT standards, and promoting and shaping an effective strategic and operational IT planning process. He also leads the Air Force in acquiring IT systems. He works with Air Force management to ensure the conduct of IT processes is timely, cost-effective, follows all applicable statutes, regulations and policies, and provides the best available capability consistent with requirements and within available budget resources.    (47Z)

Prior to joining the staff of the Secretary of the Air Force, Gilligan served as the CIO for the Department of Energy. In this position, he developed and directed the IT management strategies, policies and practices for the department. These responsibilities included year 2000 readiness; information protection; strategic planning; standards in computing, networking and security; establishment of system and information architectures; and corporate information technology, capital planning and investment.    (480)

EDUCATION:    (485)

  1. 1973 Bachelor's degree in mathematics, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pa.    (486)
  2. 1976 Master of science degree in computer engineering, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio    (487)
  3. 1984 Master's degree in business administration, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg    (481)


  1. 1975 - 1977, systems analyst, System Development Corp., McLean, Va.    (489)
  1. 1977 - 1978, technical staff member, Defense Communications Division, International Telephone and Telegraph, Nutley, N.J.    (48A)
  2. 1978 - 1981, branch manager for computer security projects, System Development Corp., McLean, Va.    (48B)
  3. 1981 - 1984, computer scientist, Worldwide Military Command and Control System, Information System Joint Program Office, McLean, Va.    (48C)
  4. 1984 - 1987, deputy director, Worldwide Information System Program Office, Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass.    (48D)
  5. 1987 - 1990, director of studies and analysis, Air Force Communications Command, Scott Air Force Base, Ill.    (48E)
  6. 1990 - 1991, director of software architecture and policy for command, control, communications and computers, Deputy Chief of Staff for C4, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.    (48F)
  7. 1991 - 1992, director of resources, Deputy Chief of Staff for C4, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.    (48G)
  8. 1992 - 1998, Air Force program executive officer for battle management, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C.    (48H)
  9. 1998 - 2000, chief information officer, Department of Energy, Washington, D.C.    (48I)
  10. 2000 - 2001, principal deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for business and information management, and deputy chief information officer, Washington, D.C.    (48J)
  11. 2001 - present, Air Force Chief Information Officer (AF-CIO), Washington D.C.    (482)


  1. 1991 Meritorious Civilian Service Medal, U.S. Air Force Senior Executive Service bonus awards    (48L)
  2. 1995 Presidential Meritorious Executive Rank Award    (48M)
  3. 2000 Presidential Meritorious Executive Rank Award    (48N)
  4. 1998 Distinguished Civilian Service Medal, Joint Chiefs of Staff    (48O)
  5. 1998 Presidential Distinguished Executive Rank Award    (483)


  1. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers    (48Q)
  2. Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association    (48R)

(Current as of November 2001)    (484)