My interest in this workshop is to better understand how changes in communication and connecting technology are actually playing out for the public sector. How are agencies balancing the challenges of privacy and security against the need and interest for greater openness? Some agencies appear to remain in a relative lock-down, but their workforce increasingly expects to be working in a much more open environment.    (3QAQ)

And now, for the formalities. The following in no way conveys "who I am," but it may establish some shared context...    (3QAR)

"As of October 2007, John assumed additional responsibility for internal knowledge management, and is now developing a KM strategy, design, and implementation roadmap for SRA International, a publicly-trade professional services firm serving the US public sector (NYSE:SRX, FY06 Revenues $1.18Bn).    (3QAS)

John Bordeaux holds a doctoral degree in Public Policy focusing on organizational informatics: the role of computerized information systems and communication systems in organizations to include the study of their effective implementation, use, organizational value, conditions that facilitate risks of failures, and their consequences for people and an organization's clients.    (3QAT)

From 2000 until about ten minutes ago, John managed SRA's Knowledge Management (KM) Center of Excellence, which provides KM best principles and techniques across SRA engagements. In this role, he provided vision, oversight and project guidance regarding KM initiatives for such disparate agencies as the Missile Defense Agency, DoD Joint Staff, Office of the Secretary for Health and Human Services, the U.S. Navy, and the Veterans Administration."    (3QAU)