Jeffery Blodgett is Vice President of Research at CERC and is responsible for the company's business and economic research services.    (616)

Mr. Blodgett has held a variety of research positions in both academia and government over the past 25 years, including affiliations with Yale University and the Connecticut Department of Education. Prior to joining CERC, he was the research director at the Connecticut Department of Economic Development (DED). His extensive knowledge of Connecticut's economy is continually tapped to fill a number of vital roles both within Connecticut and the national economic development community. Mr. Blodgett is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences dealing with economic development research. He is past president of the Hartford Area Business Economists (HABE) and is currently a member of the executive board of ACCRA, the national professional organization for economic development researchers, and the New England Economic Project advisory board. Mr. Blodgett holds a master's degree in research design and statistical methods. He is on the editorial board of the Journal of Applied Economic Development Research.    (617)