Photo of Janice Nall    (3WU6)

Janice R. Nall, Director of the Division of eHealth Marketing at the National Center for Health Marketing, part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is responsible for leading CDC's communication technology efforts. Janice manages and CDC's other e-health and new media initiatives.    (3WTI)

Formerly Manager of the Usability Solutions Group at the General Services Administration, Janice was responsible for increasing the usability of U.S. Government websites and other communication technologies by providing policy, guidance, tools, resources, and training to federal Web developers and communicators. Janice led the development of a cross-agency usability program that included the Usability University program (now known as Web Manager University) and the U-Group E-newsletter. While at GSA, Janice was honored as one of Federal Computer Week's Federal 100?the top executives from government, industry, and academia who had the greatest impact on the government information systems community in 2002.    (3WTJ)

Prior to working with GSA, Janice served as Chief of the Communication Technologies Branch for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Cancer Institute (NCI) in the National Institutes of Health. She was responsible for usability, accessibility, emerging technologies, graphic design, and other user interface issues for NCI's communication technology products and services. During her eight years at NCI, Janice led the development of several new usability initiatives including the website, the Research-Based Web Design and Usability Guidelines, the Communication Technologies Research Center (CTRC), and the Usability Seminar Series and Training Program.    (3WTK)