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Vision: understanding and enabling health research collaboration and discovery    (3NSY)

Name(s): Israel Izja Lederhendler, PhD    (3NSZ)

Organization: National Institutes of Health, Office of Extramural Research, Director, Division of Information Services, Co-Chair, Federal Knowledge Management Working Group.    (3NT0)

Title or Subject of Initiative, Project, Program, or Other Effort Relevant to Meeting: Cooperation Technologies for Research, Enterprise Reporting and Information Managerment    (3NT1)

Nature of Effort:    (3NT2)

_X_ website and portal information architecture to deliver biomedical data to users    (3NT3)

_X_ provide tools enabling maximum flexibility to users for customizing and organizing data and information    (3NT4)

Current Status: __ in operation __X_ under construction X_ in planning, in conceptual development, under consideration    (3NT5)

URL:;    (3NT6)

Purpose and Audience (Ends): The Division works to support the realization of the NIH information management strategy. We provide guidance and leadership to the Information Architecture layer of the Enterprise Architecture. It is our responsibility to assure the overall data quality of grants databases, including establishment and maintenance of external organizations using NIH, database authority tables, and procedures to identify and correct database discrepancies. The Division develops analytical reports, on-line statistical models and visualization tools for extramural programs. In addition we report on scientific research activities, the development of quantitative and computer-based models for long-range planning, and the establishment and maintainance of web-based systems to serve Research and Development information needs for internal and external users.    (3NT7)

Brief Description (Means): I was trained in psychology and behavioral neurobiology and engaged in laboratory research for many years before moving into research administration. As a program official at the National Institute of Mental Health I fostered communications and collaborations between NIH Institutes and Centers and with external organizations. I have been honored by NIH and more importantly, as a scientist by the extramural community with a number of awards. My activities as a scientist and health scientist administrator has led me to view knowledge management and innovative data mining, and reporting tools to support a core set of analytic activities that NIH will need to accurately reflect its scientific accomplishments and manage its many challenges including information overload. A theme that has run through my interests involves the merging of portfolio analysis with electronic tools for data integration and analysis. Recently, as interim project manager of the Electronic Research Administration, Director, Office of Research Information Systems, and finally as Director of the Division of Information Services, I have tried to promote the value of such tools for increasing workplace interaction, and providing decision support for research programs.    (3NT8)

Contact information: Address: DHHS, NIH, OD, OER, Division of Information Services, 6705 Rockledge Drive, Suite 4090, Bethesda, MD 20892, Telephone: 301-435-4698 E-mail:    (3NT9)