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Introduction: What is the Interoperable Manufacturing Community of Practice?    (2QRI)

On May 19, 2005, the NIST Manufacturing Interoperability Program Manager hosted a Manufacturing Interoperability Strategy Team (MIST) meeting at NIST (introduction slides here). The objectives of the meeting were to hear from industry, government, and academic participants about what challenges each are confronting in the context of interoperability, so that NIST can better gauge its own strategy in the Manufacturing Interoperability Program, while also giving participants a better idea of what NIST is tackling in this area.    (2QRJ)

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The following comments are a compilation of raw data collected from the MIST meeting participants ("sticky" comment) and then articulated and elaborated upon through discussion and slide presentation ("slide"). The participants' comments and associated slide bullets were grouped under several Manufacturing Interoperability Program projects: supply chain, product, process, operations, enablers, and other.    (2T73)

Participants are invited to subscribe to this community of practice, and edit the web pages to better capture your thoughts from the workshop. During this process, NIST will be interpreting the workshop and synthesizing the input into a report. Members of the Interoperable Manufacturing Community of Practice, as well as those of the larger Intelligent Manufacturing Community of Practice (imfg-workshop) are invited to provide ongoing input via the discussion forum described below.    (2RT9)

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NIST Meeting held @ NIST, May 19, 2005    (2S9Y)

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