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Interface    (2XUO)

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OMB Enterprise Architecture Assessment Framework Version 1.5 SCBA v2    (2XUQ)

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Business Definition    (2XUT)

(1) A boundary common to two or more architecture elements including business processes, service components, technical applications, systems, or sub-systems, at which (2) there is a product or information flow.    (2XUU)

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Technical Definition    (2XUW)

interface A boundary or point common to two or more similar or dissimilar systems, sub-systems, or other entities against which or at which necessary information flow takes place.    (2XUX)

Reviewer Comment: Deleted "command and control" Rationale - could lead to confusion that term only applies in C2 systems.    (2XUY)

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Joint Pub 1-02 or JP 1-02, The Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, As Amended Through 9 May 2005    (2XV0)

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