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Interagency Acquisition    (2XV9)

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Circular No. A–11 Section 300—Planning, Budgeting, Acquisition, And Management Of Capital Assets OMB Circular No. A–11 (2005)    (2XVB)

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Business Definition    (2XVE)

is the use by one agency of another agency's aggregate buying power for procuring goods and services through interagency contracts awarded under various authorities and forms.    (2XVF)

Reviewer Comment: Deleted "commonly used" Rationale - interagency contracts may some times be used to purchase goods and/or services that are some what uniqued.    (2XVG)

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Technical Definition    (2XVI)

Interagency contracts are designed to leverage the government’s aggregate buying power and provide a much-needed simplified method for procuring commonly used goods and services. Interagency contracts are awarded under various authorities and can take many forms.    (2XVJ)

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GAO-05-207, High Risk Series: An Update (Jan. 2005), available at http://www.gao.gov/new.items/d05207.pdf;    (2XVL)

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