Ideas for DRM Validation Pilot - Next Steps:    (2YUE)

To take this forward, our proposal is to carry out a requirements assessment for the DRM Pilot that we discussed. The result of this would be a detailed scope, timeline and cost for the pilot. This phase would include:    (2YUF)

Our estimate is that this requirements assessment phase would require two weeks on-site, with two Software AG Architects and involvement from TopQuadrant. In addition there would be off-site preparation work and completion of the plan.    (2YUT)

Software AG and TopQuadrant are prepared to deliver this requirements assessment and detailed Pilot plan without charge. As discussed, this would need to be agreed to within proper acquisition practice and also without prejudicing our eligibility to work on subsequent phases, specifically any pilot phase. As you also stated, there would be no guarantee that a pilot or subsequent action would be taken as a result of this work. We would be happy to work with you to ensure that proper process is understood and followed in all aspects of this work.    (2YUU)

This does require participation from yourself and other interested parties, dependent on the Agency or Agencies involved. The goal is to create a pilot that tests the DRM Schema and to demonstrate the DRM 'in action' but with a scope and timeline that fits the presentation of FEA and DRM progress.    (2YUV)