George Boersma has worked in state government for ten years. He began State Service as the State Purchasing Director.    (612)

For the past seven years he has worked in the technology arena as State CIO and Deputy Director of Infrastructure Services. On September 1, 2003, George became Director of a new area within DIT Office of Technology Partnerships. OTP was founded to develop partnerships with local units of government, universities and businesses to foster collaboration among these groups. Prior to this, he worked for 27 years in the private sector -- 22 of those years with Michigan National Bank, the fifth largest bank holding company in Michigan. While at Michigan National, Mr. Boersma held a wide variety of positions including Director of Lansing Properties, Director of Corporate Purchasing, and First Vice President of the Credit Card Division which was one of the top fifteen credit card operations in the country. Mr. Boersma has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan.    (613)