GeoEnablingWorkGroup    (40QL)

Documents    (40QX)

Brown, M.A. and Cook, A. E. Geospatially Enabling a Legacy Database    (40R0)

Mondoro, D. The Socioeconomic Mapping and Resource Topography (SMART) System    (40R2)

Department of Justice OJJDP-In Focus Get SMART-Mapping Resource for Crime and Delinquency Prevention DOJ-SMART    (40R3)

Schrader,M and LaBranche, D ''GIS Meets RPI: Pilot Project Tests Methods for Mapping DOD Real Property, Improving Asset Accountability. DOWNLOAD    (40R4)

Richards, Christine H.Spatially Enabling the Intelligent Grid, The Next Hollywood Blockbuster Intelligent Grid    (40R5)

Mosquera, M. Matchmakers: HRSA's Geospatial Data Warehouse Links Health Resources NRSA    (40R6)

Tudan, Costi Geo-Enabling the DOD Business Enterprise Architecture DOD Business Architecture    (40R7)

Monn, H.G., Robinson, H., Easson, G, Sloan, H. Web-based Delivery of Geospatial and Transportation Data for a Rural Intelligent Transportation Systems Project TranspSysProj    (40R8)

Sutton, JC, Wyman, M.M. Dynamic location: an iconic model to synchronize temportal and spatial transportation data DynamicLocation    (40R9)

Abdulvanhit, T. Using Schema and Data Integration Technique to Integrate Spatial and Non-Spatial Data: Developing Populated Places DB of Turkey DataIntegration    (40RA)

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NOAA National Geophysical Data Center: Cookbook    (40R1)