GeoCOP Use Case Template    (2QN5)

Use Case    (2QNB)

Name: Use case name    (2QNC)

Description: Use case description in a paragraph or two.    (2QND)

Actors: Define the use case actors (e.g., Watch Commander, Incident Commander, First Responders, Public Safety (Police))    (2QNE)

Precondition: Define the preconditions for the use case to include relevant information, systems, people, situation, etc.    (2QNF)

Flow of Events Basic Path: Define the flow of events that comprise the use case in order.    (2QN6)

  1. event #1    (2QN7)
  2. event #2    (2QN8)
  3. ...    (2QN9)
  4. event #n    (2QNG)

Flow of Events Alternative Paths: Define alternate paths that can occur in each step of the basic flow.    (2QNH)

Step 2: At this point event y could occur    (2QNI)

Step 4. blah blah    (2QNJ)

Step n. etc. etc.    (2QNK)

Postcondition: After successful completion of this use case, the postconditions listed here are satisfied. Postconditions should be independent of the alternative path taken inside the use case. Postconditions are part of the contract between this use case and the outside world.    (2QNA)