Meeting Details for the April 26, 2006 Teleconference    (34AY)

Administrivia    (34AZ)

Agenda    (34B2)

Attendees    (34BA)

James Wilson, ODU Twyla McDermott, City of Charlotte Julia Harrell, NC DENR Raj Singh, OGC Doug Nebert, FGDC Jeff Harrison, Carbon Project Lou Hecht, OGC    (34EJ)

Notes    (34BB)

Doug: Update on line of business activity going on for next 6 weeks--deliverables in June    (34EK)

Julia talked to Pat Garvey who's doing enhancements to EPA's facilities network but no details.    (34EL)

ACTION: Develop use case with Pat Garvey of EPA Facility Registry System. --Julia (with Wendy's help)    (34EM)

Use Cases and Scenarios    (34EN)

Use Case repository/form is now available at    (34EO)

Doug distributed a use case template document last meeting.    (34F1)

The use case approach would support higher-level business processes but could be more detailed.    (34EP)

ACTION: The definitions of the terms in the use case need to be posted. Share this on the website(s). The attached document describes every term used in the form. --Raj    (34EQ)

Twyla: NC/Charlotte working on use cases over the next couple weeks with an incident response theme - chemical spill    (34ER)

ACTION: Deliver use cases and/or scenarios on this: Twyla    (34ES)

Wendy: Doing some work with sharing superfund data. Supposedly talking to CDC network. Could be a use case in this.    (34ET)

Raj - how do govt. people go about geocoding their data?    (34EU)

Wendy: we have a site locator tool in development EPA Exchange Network has a governance process and schema agreement for non-geospatial information.    (34EV)

There may be a key use case around providing a tool for agencies to geolocate facilities and share locations amongst agencies.    (34EW)

Twyla - need to track tier 2 facilities - the city has very accurate location info. How could this be shared out to the other levels of govt?    (34EX)

Need to identify key other agency participants from GSA and DHS in particular and identify a new time, if necessary.    (34EY)

ACTION: Contact GSA, DHS, DOI --Raj    (34EZ)

Next meeting May 10, 4pm    (34F0)