Meeting Details for the April 3, 2006 Teleconference    (3411)

Administrivia    (340B)

Agenda    (3414)

Attendees    (3417)

Notes    (340F)

Discussion of Pilot activity and relation to LoB    (340G)

LoB activities are focused on budgeting and finances. There are overlaps. Applying principles of the Profile are critical to the success of the LoB. There will be Architecture and a Business Case activities. Not clear how the joint business case will impact agency BCs.    (340H)

Workplan review, timeline    (340I)

NASA may apply the Profile in an internal NASA geospatial business requirements, inventory services, run through all the reference models, but that would not be fully integrated into the agency.    (340J)

GSA Office of Govtwide Policy interested in converting geocodes into FIPS and USGS codes instead of their own codes. Are working on examples to promote Phase I integration in Pilot. Will want to include geocodes in the Profile as well as vignettes. Have an MOU with DHS with all the federal facilities and are geocoding them - a govt-wide land, building, structures from all agencies.    (340K)

Dave LaBranche - DISDI is working on architecture within DoD. The installations are more like a municipality - facilities information - which may be more unlike other federal agencies. May be opportunities to bring in facilities management interests from Corps of Engineers.    (340L)

May be some commonalities between EPA, DoD, Corps, Local government in facilities information. EPA facilities registry system contains regulated entities with good geolocation. Could integrate URISA address standard. DISDI will be outsourcing the SDSFIE, interested in CAD and building information models.    (340M)

North Carolina received a CAP grant to develop a software client for emergency response as a Phase II. Are also very interested in facilities data. A focus on exchange of facilities information would be very helpful. NC Division of Forest Resources also interested in wildfires.    (340N)

EPA Environmental Information Exchange Network (EPA Exchange Nodes) - secure network between EPA and state collaborators. Would like to use the network to bi-directional exchange. There have been geospatial projects in Wisconsin and Minnesota to move hydro, geo. CDC also setting up similar networks that we need to bridge.    (340O)

Questions regarding NIEM, OASIS CAP, and EDXL within OGC membership. Will be some work on this with Sensor Alert Service. Some general interest in standardizing mechanisms for alerting including the Common Alert Protocol.    (340P)

Facilities information access is sensitive to the security issues of feceral facilities.    (340Q)

Identification of candidate activities    (340R)

   a. Phase I organizations    (340S)


   b. Phase II organizations    (340U)

NC DENR, Charlotte, DOI,    (340V)

Write out what is being done and could be done. EPA has done a lot with certification and security that is satisfactory to state and local governments. EPA has several web services on facilities listed in Geospatial One-Stop ( Many more inside.    (340W)


Next Steps    (340Y)

How to convene this activity... Considering setting up an OGC Network as a persistent demonstration capabilities, would set up capabilities to. Can be either managed by members or by OGC staff and members.    (340Z)

Will plan to convene a bi-weekly call on Thursday mornings starting on April 13th. Next meeting will address more focus on areas of common application: facilities information exchange    (3410)