Meeting Details for the September 8, 2006 Meeting    (38HT)

Agenda    (38I3)

Attendees    (38I1)

Minutes    (38HZ)

Meeting convened at 11:10.    (38PQ)

Doug welcomed everyone and introduced the purpose of the meeting as a discussion and approval of the outline for version 2.0 of the Profile.    (38OR)

Kurt then provided an overview of the outline.    (38OS)

We then entered into discussion of the outline.    (38OT)

Discussion points were as follows:    (38OU)

  1. Will incorporate suggestions from the various reference models in terms of level of detail and classification, based on LoB, agency comments and contributions.    (38OV)
  2. Document overview:    (38OW)
    1. Vision statement needs probably a special session, small group. Ask for existing geospatial vision statements from agencies.    (38OX)
    2. Main sections relating to reference models will be slimmer with reference to appendixes - make context readily applicable to reader (business manager architect)    (38OY)
    3. Chapter 3 - piloted methodology calls out examples we don't have. There may be anecdotal before-after sidebars to include high-level examples but avoid proprietary references or methods. e.g. NEPA-assist for geo-enabling. It'd be ideal to have NASA and DOI examples. May need to insert vignettes in brochure if delayed. Get GSA/DISDI/etc business process that needs geo-enablement for property management.    (38OZ)
    4. Section 5.2 - EAAF 2.0 extension responsibility unclear    (38P0)
    5. "will pressure" to "create opportunities for"    (38P1)
    6. "how geo-enabling will benefit the business."    (38P2)
    7. Invite LoB lead on geo-enabling to participate    (38P3)
  3. Review the Security/Privacy Profile for "Identification, Analysis, and Selection" as contributions to Section 3    (38P4)
  4. Document delegation to editors    (38P5)
    1. DRM, SRM, TRM: Kurt    (38P6)
    2. BRM: Michael    (38P7)
    3. Intro, Background, document flow: Nancy    (38P8)
  5. Diana Takata would help us phrase any RM changes or additions to be acceptable to the budget and FEA processs.    (38P9)
  6. Need a maturity model as an appendix or companion document as distinct from the performance measures.    (38PA)
  7. Performance is still an area in need of better understanding. Contact Diane for more insight.    (38PB)

Actions    (38PC)

  1. convene vision group to review and refine Vision statements (Email request to geo-forum)    (38PD)
  2. contact Diana Takata regarding state of play for performance efforts and maturity models, (Wendy) maybe present GIMM to EAAF group...    (38PE)
  3. refactor document into new locations for editors to use (Kurt) DONE: get it here    (38PF)
  4. contact GeoCoP/LoB individuals for concurrence on revised outline approach -and- request body commitment to specific RM section assistance prior to a Nov 1 draft delivery date... (Wendy)    (38PG)

Meeting adjourned at approximately 12:30.    (38PH)