Meeting Details for the February 3, 2006 Face-to-Face Meeting    (31MW)

Minutes    (31N8)

Pilot status:    (31NG)

The goal of the pilot is to validate the principles set forth in the Geospatial Profile. Pilot would be both internal and multi-organizational, with a goal of federal to local agency interaction.    (31NH)

An initial draft work plan has been developed, and the AIC was briefed by Brenda S. on the pilot concept and focus area of EM/ER. The goal was to inform the AIC and seek their thoughts on the concept, resources, and other activities that might be leveraged to advance the pilot. While AIC did not disagree with the line of business focus recommended by the Geospatial Profile team, they did highlight their interest in advancing a pilot based on geolocation of e-Grants.    (31NI)

WG attendees agreed that there is a strong possibility that we could align interest in e-Grants with emergency response and preparedness as a focus area for the pilot. Many agencies have active grant programs in this area.    (31NJ)

EPA will work with other agency EA staff (i.e. DHS/FEMA, DOI) to evaluate what alignment can be made with existing EA initiatives, which are underway. The effort should also involve Census, HUD, and others to address the business needs. Oak Ridge National Lab has been working on sensor webs from an EA perspective and might be approached to participate. The group should also approach states and local interests (NC, Arkansas, etc). Other thoughts:    (31NK)

There is an opportunity to align with the OGC Web Services 4.0 Testbed for a second phase (operational part, second phase) of the pilot, where the results of the first phase can be illustrated, validated, and measured (Return on Investment/savings) based on exemplar implementations. Current OGC testbeds have been emphasizing EM / ER scenarios, and employ existing as well as emerging open standards (including focus on integration of building and geospatial 3d models, sensors, and enterprise architecture frameworks).    (31NR)

Opportunity at the upcoming OGC Technical and Planning Committee meetings (Huntsville, week of 6 March) to raise awareness and involve OGC members in advancing the GP and the pilot concept:    (31NS)

General (revised) working approach for the pilot:    (31NZ)

Phase 1: focus on the profile principles and evaluate Geospatial Profile guidance. Use feedback to update and improve documentation and assist in advancing concepts across government    (31O0)

Phase 2: extend effort to create operational exemplars that utilize the Geospatial Profile guidance. Focus on creating exemplar implementations that 1) cross federal, state, local agencies, 2) result in measured improvement in service, and 3) encourage broad involvement of industry to assist in validating Geospatial Profile principles and supporting principles in their market offerings.    (31O1)

Pilot Actions:    (31O4)

Update the activity plan to provide more detail for a phase 1 and 2 approach. Include discussion of roles, players, and outcomes. Plan on going back to the AIC with the detail for further discussion and buy in.    (31O5)

Schedule and conduct a teleconference for more specific discussion on how agencies are considering the Profile in their Enterprise Architectures (DOI, EPA, DHS, others...)    (31O6)

Review the agenda for the NSF sponsored Collaborative Expedition Workshop #48: Toward a National Unified Geospatial Enterprise Architecture: Seeing the Way Forward Together, to enhance discussion of G Profile and pilot activities.    (31O7)

Geospatial Profile Document Status / Next Steps:    (31O9)

Group needs to formalize a document management / maintenance process for the document:    (31OA)

Near term goal – quick clean up of document (graphics, typos) and post as current 1.1 version.    (31OE)

Mid term – review “late arriving” comments that could not be included in the v1.1 document (some calling for substantial rewrites of sections), and build strategy for revising parts of the document to reflect new understandings and alignments.    (31OF)

Longer term – identify and implement a process to manage and maintain Geospatial Profile documentation within the context of the FEA. Document Actions:    (31OG)

Conduct a quick fix action for v1.1 document to resolve graphics problems and obvious typos only.    (31OH)

Have Michael A. and Nancy T spend time compiling areas of the document in need of revision. Version 1.2 would be the next release to include revisions over the next few months to address raised new issues.    (31OI)

Make sure that we have a handle on the late arriving comments that could not be addressed in the v1.1 document, and that all comments are accounted for in our process and on the GeoCOP WIKI (Action Doug N. and Raj S.)    (31OJ)

Put out a call for summary comments/suggestions on high-level revisions to the document for near-term and long-term inclusion (Action Doug Nebert). This is not intended to be another detailed review, rather a call for ideas on general areas of concern and ideas on change.    (31OK)

Attendees    (31OL)