Meeting Details for the September 7, 2005 Face-to-Face Meeting    (2YD1)

Preparatory Actions    (2YDH)

  1. All: Please visit the WIKI and review materials on the subgroup pages <>    (2YDI)
  2. Subgroup Chairs: Please be prepared to provide status for your group.    (2YDJ)
  3. Latest Drafts are:    (2YDK)
    1. Introduction TBP    (2YDL)
    2. BRM Draft v0.3    (2YDM)
    3. DRM Draft v0.7    (2YDN)
    4. TRM Draft v0.4    (2YDO)
    5. SRM Draft v0.4 SRM Draft 0.5 (posted just after noon)    (2YDP)
    6. Scenario Draft v0.2 (still not recovered from v0.3 loss)    (2YDS)

Minutes    (2YDQ)