Gary Berg-Cross    (17R2)

Gary Berg-Cross is a Cognitive Psychologist (Ph.D. SUNY Stony Brook, BS RPI) with over 25 years of experience with ontological analysis growing out of his dissertation on knowledge representation for discourse understanding. He has taught human learning and cognition & problems solving courses at the University of Delaware, GW & GMU. Since 1975 he has consulted to health and medical facilities to evaluate and improve medical functioning and manage medical knowledge. Major thrusts of work includes reusable medical knowledge, vocabularies and semantic interoperability. He has participated in several IT & of Health Informatics efforts to standardize medical concepts.    (7Z0)

He has published in both Cognitive Psychology and Artificial Intelligence areas in the areas of representing knowledge, heuristic problem solving, and case-based reasoning and has been active in NIH Biomedical Computing Interest Group conducting tutorials on Medical Knowledge and data warehouse development.    (7Z1)

In 1985, under a contract with USCG HQ, he developed semantic representation for a USCG “enterprise model”. The aspect of conceptual model reuse was reported at the First Annual Workshop on Conceptual Structures in 1986. Since then he has persued interesest in knowledge engineering and semantic modeling on a range of government (DARPA Associate Technology project 89-91 and message understanding projects) and business problems (e.g. healthcare, retail, finance, Telco etc.) Dr. Berg-Cross worked on the ANSI X3H4 repository technology effort and the HL-7 Reference Information Model in the early 90s as a representative for BOOZ Allen and SAIC. He was SAIC’s chief architect on the DoD/HA CEIS data warehouse (now 6+ terabytes) and developed a metadata tool to DW manage DW population and use. As Informix’s Director of Analytic Infrastructure he developed a taxonomic e-business portal knowledge infrastructure, based on prior knowledge engineering work on Ardent’s XML-based Portal.    (7Z2)

Recent work includes DoD TRICARE Management Authority IM and eBusiness divisions and NIH Institutes (General Medicine and Deafness and Communicative Diseases Institutes) on the used of web technology to represent, visualize and disseminate information. At TRICARE he supported the eGov Consolidated Health Informatics (CHI) initiative to integrate HHS/NIH, CDC, VA and DOD/HA data architectures as well as coordinating the Military Health System operational and enterprise architecture development. Over the last 5 years he has worked on federal enterprise architectures and their enhancement to support SOA and data interoperability integrated such architecture using coordinated ontology and business vocabularies as part of Business Modernization effort.    (7Z3)

Recent articles include "Incremental Semantics for Service Oriented Architecture,    (3RUD)

His most engagment supported DHS in strategic development of SOA leveraging enterprise architecture. He is the Executive Secretary for the Spatial Ontology COP ( and in this capacity has participated in CIO Best Practices Committee meetings.    (39P2)

Contact Info: Gary Berg-Cross Ph.D. Engineering, Management and Integration (EM&I) Principle Consultant Service Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Architecture & Semantic Technology Suite 350 455 Spring park Place Herndon VA 20170 703-742-0585    (7Z4)